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Dental bridges

A dental bridge is a tried-and-true way to replace one or more missing teeth. Not only will getting a bridge restore the appearance of your smile, it will also allow you to talk, bite, chew and smile with confidence. Read below or schedule an appointment to find out if a dental bridge is right for you.

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What is a Dental bridge?

A dental bridge fills in the gap that is created when you lose one or more teeth. The restoration is sometimes called a “fixed bridge,” because it is bonded in place and, with proper care, can last a lifetime.

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Our team offers durable, realistic-looking dental bridges in Greenville, SC. We can create and place a fixed bridge to:

Replace missing teeth

The most common reason patients get a fixed bridge is to replace teeth that have been extracted or knocked out.

Maintain proper facial shape

Tooth loss or damage can affect your facial structure. Getting a dental bridge will help preserve the shape of your face.

Hold remaining teeth in place

When a tooth is lost and not replaced, the remaining teeth have a tendency to shift into the gap. A dental bridge will prevent this drifting.

Allow you to speak and chew properly

Replacing a missing tooth (or teeth) with a dental bridge will restore function, helping you speak clearly and chew food properly.

Restore a natural-looking smile

If missing teeth make you feel self-conscious, you could benefit from a dental bridge. The restoration will look completely natural.

Upgrade dental appliances

Tired of dealing with removable partial dentures? Upgrade to a dental bridge, which is a more convenient, permanent option.

Dental Bridge

How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

A fixed bridge consists of two or more crowns. The crowns are crafted to fit over the teeth on either side of the gap caused by your missing tooth, or teeth. These abutment teeth act as an anchor for the prosthetic tooth, or pontic, that will be installed in between the crowns. The pontic fills in the gap, so no one will ever know you had a missing tooth.

At The Oaks Dental Group, our Greenville dental bridges are custom-made to blend in seamlessly with your smile. We can construct your bridge from porcelain, alloys, gold or any combination of the three.

What are the Different Types of Dental Bridges?

When you visit with a Greenville, SC dentist for a fixed bridge consultation, they’ll talk with you about your concerns and needs and help you decide on the best type of bridge for your smile. Options may include:

Traditional Bridges

A traditional bridge consists of two or more crowns that are placed on the surrounding abutment teeth. These crowns support the pontic in the middle, which sits in the gap where your tooth once was. Traditional bridges are the most common type of fixed bridge and are usually crafted from porcelain.

Maryland Bonded Bridges

Maryland bridges, also called resin-bonded bridges, consist of a filler tooth that’s attached to a metal framework. The metal is bonded to the back of the neighboring teeth to hold the bridge in place. Maryland bonded bridges are most commonly used to replace missing front teeth.