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Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you want a complete smile makeover or just a little boost, cosmetic dentistry could be the answer. Our dentists combine technical knowledge with artistry to achieve exceptional results.

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth, gums and/or bite. Our Greenville, SC cosmetic dentists offer a number of procedures that can enhance your dental aesthetics and give you a smile you love. They’ll take the time to learn about your concerns, goals and preferences and create a personalized treatment plan tailored just to you.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve My Smile?

Your cosmetic dentist in Greenville, SC can perform procedures to:

  • Change the shape, alignment or size of the teeth
  • Fill spaces, or gaps, between the teeth
  • Correct your bite
  • Replace old dental restorations with natural-looking ones
  • Lighten and brighten teeth
  • Eliminate or mask tooth discoloration
  • Fix broken, cracked or chipped teeth
  • Replace missing teeth
Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Cosmetic Dental Procedures

At The Oaks Dental Group, we provide a variety of cosmetic solutions, including:

Teeth Whitening

Heavy smoking, enjoying highly pigmented foods and drinks like coffee, tea, berries and wine, taking certain medications or even just aging can cause teeth to become stained and discolored over time. The good news is, with professional teeth whitening, we can safely and effectively remove stains and brighten your smile in a single procedure.


Cosmetic dental bonding is an easy and affordable way to fill in gaps between the teeth, repair chips and cracks, and cover stains. Bonding can also be used to treat small cavities and protect exposed tooth roots. Your dentist will ensure the material blends in seamlessly with your smile.


Veneers are custom restorations that are bonded to the front and sides of your teeth, completely changing their appearance. The thin porcelain or resin shells can mask an array of imperfections from worn teeth to discoloration. Dental veneers tend to last longer than bonding, are more affordable than crowns and create an even, natural-looking appearance.


Dental crowns are custom restorations that completely cover a tooth to the gumline. Once they’re bonded to the tooth, they restore its strength, function and appearance. A dental crown can be used to mask a misshapen or discolored tooth, hold a dental bridge in place or repair a tooth that is too damaged to be fixed with a filling.