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Dentistry for Kids

Our talented dentists offer a range of dental services for kids in a warm, friendly atmosphere. With a fun, gentle approach, we make visits stress-free for children and parents alike.

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Your Trusted Kids’ Dentist in Greenville, SC

The teeth and jaws grow and change rapidly during childhood. In order to make sure a child’s smile is developing properly, they need specialized dental care and procedures. As a dentist for kids in Greenville, SC, the team at The Oaks Dental Group has your family covered. We offer full-service, gentle dentistry for children from birth through adolescence.

What is Dentistry for Kids?

The main focus of kids’ dentistry is ensuring that a child’s baby teeth, or primary teeth, grow properly and remain healthy. This creates the right conditions and enough room for the permanent teeth to erupt.
At The Oaks Dental Group, our Greenville dentists monitor children’s development, educate parents and children on good oral hygiene and make sure kids maintain optimal oral health.

Beyond the dentistry, we also put a lot of effort into creating a family-friendly, welcoming environment at our office. We use behavioral techniques and kid-friendly language to put your child at ease and eliminate any anxiety they may be feeling. Ultimately, we want your child to love going to the dentist, so they’ll be more likely to keep up with routine care throughout their life.

Dentistry for Kids
Family Dentistry

The Benefits of Regular Dental Care for Kids

When your child visits The Oaks Dental Group, the dentist will:

  • Monitoring dental progress. The dentist will keep an eye on the development of your child’s baby teeth, gums, jaw and facial structure. If there is an issue, the dentist can provide corrective treatment to get your child’s dental development back on track.
  • Provide personalized recommendations and information. Your Greenville, SC kids’ dentist will use easy-to-understand language and visual tools to keep you and your child up-to-date on their oral health. They’ll also educate you both on how to care for kids’ teeth and offer personalized recommendations.
  • Prevent dental issues. We focus on prevention and through education, nutritional guidance and treatments like fluoride varnishes and dental sealants, we can prevent dental issues from occurring. The dentist is also trained to help with things like thumb sucking and prolonged pacifier use.
  • Treat oral problems in their earliest stages. Regularly seeing the dentist ensures any problems are detected and treated in their earliest stages. This will make treatment quicker, more affordable and less invasive.

Trust In Your Dentist

Our dentists dedicate themselves to helping children and their families understand the importance of good oral care, and to preventing issues that can disrupt the development of healthy teeth in the future.